For women aiming for a glamorous bust

Flip and Plump Brassiere

Product Description

This is recommended for women aiming for a glamorous bust. With an original structure developed by us, it is a well-made brassiere that achieves "posture correction" and "bust-up" functions. The patented structure (Patent No. 5444295) helps to pull down the scapula. It used to maintain a beautiful posture by opening the chest. The inside layer of the cup lifts the bust softly, and firmly holds the flesh of a breast side. There is a cushion on the wire. It is soft and comfortable which is designed from a female perspective. This is a must-have item once you experience it.


Nylon, polyurethane, others


 【Review】Instagram follower

🌹The introduction of Flip and Plump Brassiere - Panty & Girdle🌹🙃
There are two colors in this series, including smoky pink and purple navy.
Pink is my favorite color but I chose purple which is darker.✨
Exquisite colors and delicate lace, girls must be happy with it⤴︎🎈
And the most important is the wearing feeling.
This is a brand that emphasizes beauty posture, it feels like stretching your back when you wear it ✨ ✨ ✨

If we have to keep a beautiful posture consciously in everyday life, it requires us to pay attention to our core and I am tired of it. This underwear helps to support my posture without stress.😃☘️☘️☘️
I believe that the body shape is made by posture, so the "Patented structure of Correcting Posture" is wonderful and is perfect for everyday companion ✨

Besides, I feel like the bust is losing its shape and volume year by year. But I think that I feel better and my bust looks bigger. Maybe just because it corrected my posture. lol

What if I get older? The flesh of a breast side may become worse. This bra has a wonderful design and gives excellent support. It prevents the breast move to the side‼️

Before and After pictures of wearing the panty & girdle.

I seldom wear a girdle. For this time, I got an opportunity to try it on. Obviously, my hip raise, so I wonder if I should wear it from now on ... ❤️ (HAHAHA)

I thought this girdle was a little thin when I picked it up, but it has very good support!
Moreover, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all✨
If you are interested, please try it ☺️🎈🎈🎈

 【Review】Nurse mom

The bra is the one that suits your bust, and you don’t feel your bust is shaking when you put on it. It is important to hold the bust firmly. (←This is what my trainer told me. she said that the shaking will make the bust smaller) There is a 3-steps hook and I am surprised with the stability. 😳

And the side panel is large. It prevents the flesh of a breast side from protruding. Great!!!

The panty is deep and stable, but …
To be honest, I didn't really feel there was any special feature.

And, the girdle!!!
This is my first time wearing it. Yet, I recommend every girl buy it😂 Please look at the picture, can you see my hip up??
It’s thin and it’s also suitable when you are wearing jeans and yoga pants. Also, it is very suitable for the coming season. For me, the girdle is the most recommended item☺️

There are 2 colors but I hope there will be black and white☺️❤️

In spring….
Keep the right posture and raise my head, embrace beauty from the inside out ☺️
Let’s keep it ❤️🙆‍
Enjoy being a lady😍

【Review】Beauty Lover

2 colors, pink and navy
Both are cute😍♡
After my deep consideration, I chose PINK💖

We have to wear underwear every day,
it’s like a dream if the underwear can help to correct the posture💫
The series of “Flip and Plump Brassiere” makes the dream come true.
〜Goodbye! Arched back〜
I was impressed by this catchphrase.

I've been worried about my arched back for a long time
Really happy about having this underwear (´ ; ω ; `)! !!

When I put on the bra,
I feel my spine is really naturally tightened🌟
And it also makes me bust-up↑↑
It really helps to fix my bust🙏❤️
I think it can improve my posture if I am wearing it every day🎶
It supports my bust firmly and stabilizes. 🐷

And the panty completely wrap my hips❤️
I feel really comfortable and safe☺️🌸
Even though it is wrapped tightly, there is no feeling of oppression🙆‍

The girdle pulled up my big buttocks which I always care about.🌟
However, it is not too tight and I don’t feel pain.
Gently pushing my hips up.
I am really grateful …😂💖

This underwear suits my body, and it helps to correct my posture.
Furthermore, it is really cute😍!
I realized that daily care is very important.
Everyone, please try on “Flip and Plump Brassiere”❤