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How to Choose J-Beauty Skincare Products

Due to the impact of corona, people all over the world spend more time at home feeling safer and using clean skin care products that are kind to the skin and the natural environment are gaining popularity.


Skin care products made in Japan use natural ingredients such as traditional Japanese camellia oil, matcha,sake and are highly safe and highly evaluated for their cutting-edge beauty technology.


J-Beauty, which is called a skin care product made in Japan is also popular in Asia and the United States and according to the Japan Department Store Association, cosmetic sales of foreign tourists exceeded 30 billion yen in 2020.


So this time, We will introduce how to choose skin care cosmetics from Japanese manufacturers and how to find J-beauty that suits you.


What's J-Beauty Concept


Originally, Japan has a nature-oriented way of thinking, such as using natural plant extracts and foods to keep the skin clean.


J-beauty's skin care products are naturally derived ingredients that are kind to the skin and the environment, and there are many organic cosmetics that use plants grown by pesticide-free and pesticide-free fertilizer cultivation.


Extracts, natural plants and foods extracted from plants which have long been used in folk remedies to prevent skin problems in Japan making the original skin as beautiful as possible.


Synthetic chemicals found in common cosmetics have immediate effects, but continued use can irritate the skin and reduce its original skin function.


J-Beauty is made from natural materials that contain as few synthetic chemicals and petroleum-derived ingredients as possible, so you can experience the natural antioxidant power and water retention.


What are the benefits of J-Beauty Skincare Products?


Compared to skin care products made in Korea and the United States, J-Beauty has fewer chemically synthesized components and is mainly composed of natural materials, so it is a skin-friendly product.


Therefore, it is easy to use for sensitive skin, and there are many products that can be safely used for rough skin, acne and sunburned skin.


Natural plant extracts are less irritating and easier to use than chemically synthesized ingredients, so they work gently without immediately feeling the skin beautifying effect.


However, if you continue to use the same skin care products, you can experience the water retention capacity of plants, which has not been elucidated by chemistry, and naturally beautify your skin.


There are various types of J-Beauty skin care cosmetics, such as beauty essences that delay aging such as age spots and age spots, and lotions that are rich in moisturizing ingredients and moisturize the skin.


Tips for Choosing J-beauty Products


The natural direction of cosmetics is increasing all over the world and the demand for using Japanese skin care cosmetics is increasing. When choosing skin care cosmetics made in Japan, check the ingredients carefully.


When using organic matter as a raw material, the amount of preservatives and preservatives is small, so it is important to pay attention to storage conditions and use up as soon as possible.


Meet Your Own Beauty!


Many common skin care cosmetics are advertised as having immediate effects on skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles and dry skin.


K-Beauty, which is often compared to J-Beauty, emphasizes immediate effect and ease of use and can damage the skin or cause trouble.


However, although J-beauty's skin care cosmetics are not immediately effective, they enhance the original function of the skin and utilize the power of nature to prevent and repair skin problems.


By continuing to use J-beauty's skin care products for 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months, you will feel the moisture, elasticity and firmness of your skin and increase the resistance to aging and UV rays and stress.


Many common skin care cosmetics are advertised as having immediate effects on skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles and dry skin.


Best Japanese Beauty Products of 2021


From here, we will introduce Japanese-made skin care products that are popular with Japanese beauty-conscious women. Experience the delicate and gentle feel.




A push-type foam that even busy people can easily wash their face. Contains natural plant extracts and amino acid cleansing ingredients for a skin-friendly and transparent finish.


Japanese anti aging products | Aqua Queen Creamy Foam 200ml – CosCoss Japan






A fine-grained lotion containing raw placenta extract, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Recommended for those who are worried about dryness and fine wrinkles and those who have lost their firmness.


Dr.Select Placenta Lotion – CosCoss Japan








An eye cream containing a human stem cell medium that activates the skin by approaching the fine lines around the eyes using advanced penetration techniques. The tightening effect gives a youthful impression.








J-Beauty has many high quality skin care cosmetics that restore the natural elasticity of the skin.

So please give it a try!