What Kind of Japanese People Love to Use Products Exclusive to Estheticians?



Now that you know the features of products exclusive to estheticians, what do you think??

Keep in mind, not all Japanese people regularly use these kinds of products.


This raises the question, what kind of Japanese people love to use products exclusive to estheticians??


People who visit aesthetic salons.

People who have been recommended to use them by other people who visit aesthetic salons.

People who looked them up online and decided to make a purchase.


This is definitely not a complete list, but I think most people who use these products fit in the above categories.


In other words, a large number of the people who are using these products use them because they have high hopes for their effectiveness, or because they have felt the effect of these products for themselves.


When they’ve become fans of a certain brand or manufacturer, they have no reason to switch to another manufacturer.


These esthetician-exclusive products are overflowing with cosmetics that can create fans like this.

And I don't think saying that is an exaggeration!