For active women who love yoga and exercise

Shaping Exercise Brassiere

Product Description

This is the underwear for active women who love yoga and exercise. The X-line shoulder straps pull the shoulder blades to the center of the back. It helps to stretch the back muscles and bust up naturally. It wraps and holds the bust firmly. Even if you are moving or having complex yoga poses, it is stable and makes your body shape look beautiful. Besides, the panel under the cup pulls up the under part, the bust-up effect is one of the features of this underwear. Besides exercise, you can wear it as daily underwear to make your posture beautiful.



Nylon, polyurethane, others



【Review】Instagram Follower

I would like to introduce “Shaping Exercise Brassiere”🙃
For the bra, there are 3 colors, black, beige, and orange. For the panty, there are black and beige colors.
I love to wear them when I am doing yoga and gym. I chose black color as I consider the fashion sense and also the sense of sheer when I am sweating 😎

To be exact, it is underwear, but I would like to introduce it as sportswear. I would appreciate it if you could understand my point of view.
The sportswear fabric is used. It is cool and smooth. This is an excellent fabric that is easy to wear and take off even when you are sweaty.

If you look at my picture, maybe it's easier to understand the supporting effect...?
Women want to be beautiful even in the invisible areas.
I didn't want to announce it but I want to tell you the wonderfulness of this wear …
Arm, waist, belly...elasticity has declined with age. I have tried my best to pack them into my underwear... 💦
As for the image, it seems that it wraps up the unnecessary flesh well... 🙌
This is my true feeling and I love it!

Of course, this brand focuses on maintaining a beautiful posture.
It helps to support the body core and beautiful posture just by wearing it.✨

Also, I appreciate those ladies with beautiful backs.
For me, the back straps are excellent and make me feel reassured…

Furthermore, it is made for exercise purposes. It also has an elasticity that does not interfere with exercise in yoga or the gym. And no need to worry even if you are running as it holds the bust firmly.

Simple and beautiful underwear …
I am happy when I am wearing the wonderful underwear and it taps into my feminine energy.❣️
And looking at myself with the underwear, I set the goals for my future bodybuilding.

I was impressed by the wonderful wrapping 🎀
And the products were very nice and functional as I imagined!
I will take good care of it and make good use of it.
Thank you very much 🍀🍀🍀

【Review】Ms Flamenco

There are 3 colors, black, beige and orange.
I selected a beige color that does not have a color transfer problem.

The material is glossy for both bra and panty, it feels good and very elastic👍
The breathable cross design at the back is the feature of this bra.
The panty has a three-dimensional structure that seems to have a hip-up effect.

★Impressions when I am doing flamenco


①Just like the name, my posture improved naturally when I put on the bra.
(The posture is maintained even when exercising)

②Preventing the flesh of a breast side and back from protruding from the bra during exercise

③The shoulder blades and arms are easy to move, and there was no deviation during exercise.

④There is no problem with the bust support. It doesn't shake like other sports bras.

◼️On the downside, there is no cup so the breast is transparent. There is no problem with the supporting, it will be perfect if there is a cup (I tried putting a cup in that I had at home, it was not transparent and the cup did not shift)


①Hip-up effect

②Pelvic stabilization

③Holds firmly like a girdle, but the texture is good and it is very comfortable. And there is no feeling of tightening (no painful feeling)

④No digging into the gap during exercise

◼️On the downside, this is related to my height and size. My thighs are larger than my hip, so if I choose a size that fits my thighs and it is a little too big for my hip. It is difficult for people with different thighs and hip sizes. This time I picked the size which fit my hip so it likes this. If I pick the larger size, it will not fit my hip...It would be nice if there are more sizes but not limited to SML. Or it would be better if there is a more detailed description of the size selection on the homepage. (Yet I think the size is fit for me and not too tight when I am doing exercise)

【Review】Mom with 3 children

“Shaping Exercise” Brassiere & Panty ✨
Designed for supporting shoulder blade, this is an ideal innerwear for yoga and exercise ❤

The design of the X-line back is based on the principle of the “Cross method”, it helps to pull the shoulder blades and correct the posture when I am wearing it.✨
Everyone can feel it if you put it on ❣️
Furthermore, it wraps the bust firmly. It holds your breast and no shaking even if you are moving or doing exercise. 😳✨

The waist of the bottom is less tightened so I don't feel oppressive.
And it is a skeleton-conscious structure, it supports the lower abdomen and pelvis.✨
It is designed not to tight the groin region, which is good for lymph flow😍

Anyway, even if I was exercising, I didn't feel any pain or tightening. It helped to maintain a stable condition 😆💕
I think it is important that I can concentrate on my workout ❤️

Recommended for those who are doing yoga, workout, and going to the gym😆❣️