Good posture, women look beautiful

Neatly Dignified Brassiere

Product Description

With good posture, women look beautiful. Bishisei-Labo has been paying attention to create the undergarments by combining those skills cultivated so far. Patent structure (Patent No. 5444295), stretching the back muscles and pushing up the breast. The large side panel supports the bust, and the 3-step hook gives excellent support. You can see the appearance changes when you put on this excellent brassiere.


Nylon, polyurethane, others






【ReviewMom with 3 children

I received Neatly Dignified Bra & Panty”😆✨

I had worn control and shaping bra and panty before…

It was very uncomfortable💦

But I dont feel uncomfortable at all when I am wearing this product☺️✨

There is a cushion on the wire, I dont feel pain even if I wore it for a long time.

No shifting, no friction, so I dont feel itchy at all😊✨

The shoulder straps are wider than a regular bra, keeping the bra in a stable position.


The panty is fit! Its not too tight but it helps to lift my hip and stabilize my pelvis. Im really satisfied with it. 💕

My posture always gets worse if I did not pay attention to it. Yet, wearing these products helps to improve my posture naturally.

Providing moderate support, and gently pulled back😌✨

I think its most important that you feel comfortable when you are wearing it❤️

We have to wear underwear every day. Neatly Dignified Bra” is very comfortable and helps to keep the beautiful posture.

If you are interested, please check it out 💖


ReviewMom with 1 child


Neatly Dignified Bra” by Bishisei-Labo ARRIVED💁❤

Many control and shaping undergarments with the Thick bra pads which are thicker than the breasts”!!! I am happy that this product is not like those bras😭👏

↑Please note that the thick pads are not good for breast shape

So when the bra and panty arrived.

And my first impression of these products was "Just looks great and very well made” !!

I have tried a lot of different products from the big brands.

Most of the bra with high side panels are made with a large fabric on both sides only. This one is made with the line and it helps to tighten up my breasts🙆

And I am surprised that there is a T-back line on the panty. Maybe it used to fit the hip and support the sacrum.

Recommend to

Those who care about the breast shape after the postpartum and lactation period

Those who want to be more confident in back style

Those who want to improve posture and shape up

However, I am honest so I want to tell Bishisei-Labo….

I hope you can make T-back and hiphugger”

Those people who are always wearing jeans like me!! Poor lady likes me!! And people who hate fashionable dress-up! We also want to wear this kind of underwear😭 Please make it for us🙇️Hahaha


The feeling of this product ⭕️

There is a moderate tightening feeling and what I liked is the prevention of overeating 🙆️

↑ It is not related to posture

Seriously speaking ... If you wear control and shaping undergarments,

I have to fix my sloppy posture!” You will keep it in mind and aware of your posture.

I have to breastfeed my son so I seldom wear a bra. This product firmly supports both sides. I feel good about it😚

And the strap didn't make me feel pain⭕️ be honest, the panty shift into crotch… I didn't feel pain but not comfortable…


t made me feel uncomfortable when I was lying down😔

It is fine in the day time, once I get used to it, its ⭕️

Personally, it might be easier to wear if it likes boxer !! This is my opinion.

For skinny, its ⭕️

If you are wearing leggings, maybe it will not be perfect?

It is fine if you are wearing a skirt or boyfriend jeans⭕️😉

Even so, when I wore the panty, I was surprised that my tummy was too fat! I will go on a diet after I recovered from stomach flu... HAHA

It is a good chance for me to slim down😂

Dont force yourself to wear shaping underwear, just wearing them when you are in good condition😉

ReviewMom around 40


Compare with those bras which are made for fastening side flesh parts, 💮its comfortable💮and supportive? (Tightening? I didnt feel cramped🙅)

Impressed by the softness even I wear it every day💕💕(I want to wear it every day⤴⤴)

In my case, I have to stand all day when I'm working. My posture always becomes worse during my working time. When I am wearing this product, I feel like someone gently supporting me at the back and between the shoulder blades! As same as the product name, it makes me feel neatly”.

And…💦there is no pad😹I get used to non-padded bra. I feel quite strange when I wanted to make my breast look bigger and wear the bra with pad🙅www

I hope my breast shape looks better, I love this bra with no pad which is gently wrapped up my breast!!!

The panty is deep, and there is a line like T-back on the back, so it feels like totally supporting my butt. (But I dont feel it is too tight! Sometimes I bought some panties which are tight and make me feel it makes me feel my blood circulation get worse💦...)

Im not that slouching but my posture improved naturally👌I am always smiling when I serve my clients with good posture.😹For sure I want to look beautiful😹(It doesn't matter💦)

Easy to put on the jeans💮Most of the mothers dont do exercise💦Were tired of everyday life 💦😁But by standing in a good posture, I feel refreshed.💮(I promise I will wear it until summer👙)