How do Japanese get glowing skin?

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In recent years, more and more people are choosing natural, skin-friendly skin care, just as they are choosing fresh nutritious foods for their health.


"J-Beauty" is a skin care product made in Japan that is popular with people who are sensitive to nature.


"J-Beauty" refers to high quality skin care cosmetics made from ancient Japanese natural botanical extracts and oils.


In this article, we will introduce the features and merits of "J-beauty" the differences from "K-beauty" which are similar but different and recommended skin care products made in Japan.


What is J-Beauty?


"J-beauty" is an abbreviation for "Japanese Beauty" and refers to Japanese-made skin care products and Japanese-style skin care routine.


Japanese beauty has always been popular and very well known in Asia. The roots of Japanese beauty date all the way back to the Nara period.


During that time women would paint their faces with what is called oshiroi, meaning a white powder. Its known as Japanese beauty and simplicity focused on revealing one’s natural beauty.


Japanese-style skin care products are characterized by containing naturally-derived ingredients that have been popular for a long time, such as rice, green tea and camellia oil.


The traditional aesthetic sense of "J-Beauty"


There are many large and small cosmetics manufacturers in Japan. Most of them are made from ancient Japanese natural botanical extracts and natural ingredients.


Japan has unique traditional cultures such as Kabuki and Japanese dance and professional actors also love skin-friendly skin care using naturally derived ingredients.


In addition, "J-Beauty" is an attractive and high-quality product that can be even more effective by combining naturally-derived ingredients that are gentle on the skin and cutting-edge technology.


Skin care products made in Japan are comfortable to the touch and will help condition your skin if you continue to use them.


The traditional aesthetic sense of "J-Beauty" has been featured in many beauty magazines and beauty sites in Europe and the United States, and is attracting more and more attention.


What’s the difference of J-Beauty and K-beauty?


"K-POP" and Korean idol groups are gaining popularity in Europe and the United States, followed by Korean cosmetics "K-beauty".


They introduce videos of "K-beauty" on social media such as Instagram and TikTok and carry out large-scale campaigns on TV commercials.


The "K-beauty" skin care routine is called "10-step skin care" and is characterized by the fact that it takes time to make 10 products.


 Korean aesthetics tend to aim for perfect facial features, including cosmetic surgery.


Japanese cosmetology, on the other hand, differs in that it pursues the same beauty, aiming for beautiful skin with three simple skin care routines.


Many of the TV commercials for "K-Beauty" are flashy and eye-catching, but "J-Beauty" is supported by a wide range of age groups, such as using models with beautiful skin in their 40s and 50s.


Why is J-Beauty so popular in the USA and Europe?


These days, due to the influence of corona, interest in cosmetic raw materials and the safety of raw materials has increased in Europe and the United States.


South Korea and Japan are representative beauty powers in Asia, but the naturally derived ingredients of "J-Beauty" are highly evaluated as being harmless to humans and the environment and gentle on the skin.


"K-beauty" was announced by the Korean government that precious metals exceeding the standard value were detected in eight companies.


Cosmetics made in Japan are not only advanced manufacturing technology and cutting-edge technology, but also have strict manufacturing regulations and maintain a certain level of quality.


In addition, the beauty ingredient "proteoglycan" extracted from salmon nasal cartilage by a research institute in Aomori Prefecture has excellent water retention that exceeds that of hyaluronic acid, and is widely used as a natural raw material in Japan.


Sales in the U.S. beauty market in 2020 were down 14% year-on-year, but naturally-derived "J-Beauty" increased 11% year-on-year, and "J-Beauty" is expected to continue to be popular  in the future.


Here's our choice best J-Beauty brands


From here, for those who want to use "J-Beauty" for the first time, we will introduce three popular products of Japan's leading brand "POLA". Any skin type is OK!




The soft, thick foam nourishes the skin and removes excess sebum. It contains a unique moisturizing ingredient called Pseudo-alteromonas fermented liquid.






A rich lotion like elastic jelly. Contains fermented Pseudoalteromonas extract and Swertia japonica extract, leading to elastic and supple skin.








A rich and rich cream that moisturizes the skin around the eyes. Tightens loose skin and achieves 3D effect. Ideal for preventing fine wrinkles around the eyes.




 "J-Beauty" has a reputation for product development that incorporates cutting-edge research and advanced manufacturing technology based on traditional natural origin.


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