The Values and Styles of Japanese Women Towards Beauty



Whenever people from abroad view Japanese people, their first impression seems to be “wow, they have nice skin.”



I think this is because Japanese people have a certain idea of what it means to be pretty, and how to go about this.


They see white and clear skin as beautiful, and many implement a rigorous skincare routine to achieve this.

All of the famous actresses and models on TV in Japan have skin that is free of blemishes and dullness.

But having white skin is not what’s popular, it's having clear skin that is even in color.


After all, various different people have various different skin colors.

Regardless of the color of a person's skin, having skin that is even in color makes it shine and look youthful.

So, you’ll naturally look beautiful if you take care of your skin and remove that acne, those acne scars, and blemishes.


For this reason, cosmetics, aesthetic salons, and beauty clinics have become hugely popular in Japan.


We live in an age where the result of our skincare determines how old we are seen to be.

Perhaps the reason Japanese women are seen to be beautiful is that they're so particular about their skincare routine.