What’s “J-Beauty” ?

Japanese Cosmetics  The Beauty Habits of Japanese Women



 The term of "J-Beauty" is mainly used overseas to describe Japanese cosmetics and the beauty habits of Japanese women.
Originally, "KBeauty" was used to describe the popularity of unique and original Korean cosmetics, however in recent years, Japanese cosmetics have become increasingly popular overseas as well, and "J-Beauty" is often used in contrast to "K-Beauty. Some people are predicting that after the Korean cosmetic trend, the Japanese cosmetic trend will follow.
The reason for the focus on "J-Beauty" is the Japanese trend globally as seen in the increase in the number of foreigners visiting Japan. One of the reasons for this is that Japanese cosmetics have become more accessible, especially with the weak yen and economic growth in Asia.
In addition, the recent detection of heavy metals in cosmetics manufactured by a major South Korean company, which exceeded standards, seems to have had no small impact. Although Japanese companies have always had a reputation for the safety of their cosmetics, the recent question mark over the safety of Korean cosmetics has triggered a renewed interest in J-Beauty.
Then, what are the main points of interest in "J-Beauty" from the overseas perspective?


One is the interest and admiration for concepts and package designs that use traditional Japanese cultural and traditional materials as motifs. For example, "MAKANAI cosmetics" and "Gofun Nail" by UEBA ESOU, are popular not only among foreign visitors to Japan but also overseas.


The other reason is the cutting-edge knowledge and technology that Japanese companies possess regarding cosmetics, as well as the sensitivity of Japanese women, who are said to be very sensitive to cosmetics in the world. For example, the "ESSENTIAL ENERGY" that Shiseido has been launching globally incorporates many elements of "J-Beauty" in its approach to "skin sensitivity".


In this way, now is the right time for Japanese companies to take advantage of the growing global interest in "J-Beauty", and they will be required to expand their global operations with even greater speed in the future.