- About Us -

COSCOSS.COM is a trading company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
We successfully launched our e-commerce business in 2018, and we have since been focused on the development of B2C and B2B online shopping websites for international clients and customers.


Our mission is to help you achieve a beautiful lifestyle that allows you to enjoy wonderful things that you can love forever.
We distribute wonderful products made in Japan to overseas markets, and we seek to share Japanese culture and the beauty of Japan with the rest of the world.
We aim to introduce superior products that can improve the everyday life of our overseas customers by drawing on our knowledge and experience of the wonderful things that lie at the heart of our daily life in Japan.

・We provide reliable services and high-quality products procured from manufacturers that can be trusted.
・We serve as our clients’ preferred supplier by offering products that exceed their quality requirements.
・We provide our clients with timely information on prevailing market trends.


We are focused on fostering growth and long-term business relationships in the sectors of beauty and personal care, as well as health and medical care, in Japan.

・We seek to convey the aesthetic values and styles of women in Japan.
・We hope to support women who have taken a long time to overcome negative feelings about their facial and physical features, a challenge shared by everyone.

We will continue to promote our business as we strive to always provide reliable and high-quality products and services.