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Clear skin with nice texture after every use
Whitening Serum Makeup Primer and Sunscreen

APP-C SUN SHIELD 【Serum Base Sunscreen 】

Doctors’ cosmetics that allow you to truly experience the care you would receive at a skin clinic at home

Serum bade compounded with moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin C. dervative(APPS) and hyaluronic acid. APP-C SUN SHIELD does not include chemical ingredoents, is skin-friendly, well stretches and fits to your skin, and makes the texture more beautiful.

For use in the morning

Directions for Use

After your skincare, squeeze out an appropriate amount onto your palm and rub it into your entire face, neck, and body evenly. You can also use it as a makeup primer.

*Shake it well before use.

No ultraviolet absorbing agents! Paraben-free/Alcohol-free/Unscented/Waterproof through non-mineral oil/No need for special cleanses
Keep your skin moist through moisturizing ingredients! Increase the natural beauty of your skin through its effects on the texture of your skin
It contains APPS (vitamin C derivative) to prevent damage to your skin!

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