CellPure Medi-Treatment Mask, 10 sheets

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Medi-Treatment Mask, 10 sheets

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Cosmetic medical-grade face mask containing human stem cell extract
Effects: rejuvenating effect, skin tightening, skin lightening, moisturizing, pore shrinkage, wrinkle improvement, epidermis care

Eight benefits in a single beauty mask.
Contains beauty ingredients that are attracting attention throughout the world such as human cultured stem cell liquid, EGF, FGF, fullerene, human-type ceramide, as well as 12 other noteworthy ingredients.

The thick mask fabric feels soft to the touch and is soaked in beauty extracts equivalent to one bottle of beauty serum.

No artificial fragrances, no petroleum surfactants, no artificial colors, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no mineral oil.
(Fragrance free)

Directions for use:
After cleansing and wiping the skin completely dry, place evenly starting with the part near the eyes, fitting onto the face. 10-15 minutes later, peel off the mask and rub in any remaining beauty serum.

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