CellPure UVX (Sunscreen Emulsion) 40g

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UVX (Sunscreen Emulsion) 40g

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Rejuvenating beauty essence with female hormone ingredients
Effect: SPF 50, PA++++, skin lightening, moisturizing, improves skin elasticity

Non-chemical sunblock that is gentle on the skin and does not use UV absorbers.
Prevents sun spots and freckles caused by exposure to the sun.

Contains an abundance of natural ingredients such as placenta extract, proteoglycan, and vitamin C derivative.
Protecting the skin against sunlight, it has an effect similar to a beauty mask, leading to beautiful skin. Can be used by children and adults of all ages.

No artificial fragrances, no petroleum-based surfactants, no artificial colorants, no mineral oils, no alcohol, no tar-based dyes, no parabens
(Fragrance free)

Directions for use:
After completing your skincare routine, place a nickle-sized amount into the hand and gently rub into the entire face as if placing it down.

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