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Only 1 time, the complexion becomes brighter and whiter, and the stubborn acne starts to shrivel

Plamine PS PACK is a Japanese scientific beauty product under Plamine brand. It can improve a variety of skin problems at once, such as deep decontamination, lighten acne marks brighten skin color, and have a significant firming and repairing effect.

Plamine PS PACK is also being called as “micro-shaping mask”, it is because that after applying the pack, the skin become beautiful as if our face had been photoshopped.

What's more powerful is that it lifts facial muscle and tightens the skin pores. It can also help improve the "edema face".

How to use

PS PACK is a smear type mask, gel and powder are packaged separately. By mixing the two bag together will produce rich carbon dioxide.
No need to prepare another container, it can be stirred directly in the original packaging.

First, use the stir bar provided in the mask to scrape the gel to the lower part of the package to facilitate the subsequent powder pouring.

Pour the powder and stir the mixture as fast as possible by around 30 seconds.

After that, put the gel on your face quickly and apply it best within 1 minute. It will become difficult to apply if the time is too long.

Apply for about 20 to 30 minutes, the mask solidifies into a soft waxy jelly gel, and you can peel it off.

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