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Dr. Arrivo The Zeus II

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Dr. Arrivo The Zeus II Beauty Equipment

Will make a woman stand out like a lone flower. It will make your confidence bloom.

The newest addition to the "Dr. Arrivo" series.
The patented "9-MFIP" has 16 different currents flowing from nine elements working together leading to firm skin.
ZeusⅡ has a new "RF" function that gently warms the skin with a high-frequency current of 200 kHz, promotes blood and lymph flow, and improves metabolism.
With a 3D movable head that moves freely in all directions, it fits snuggly along the curve of the face, and it uses a 24-karat gold element that has the highest affinity with the skin.


<Patent No. 5872741>
[Muscle exercise with MFIP®] 9MFIP® warms the skin and the muscles of the facial muscles are repeatedly contracted by the pace of the current to achieve an ideal muscle exercise.
Insert pulse, EMS, medium and high frequency waves are output simultaneously from four elements.



The face is the part of the body that is most exposed to the open air, and it is a part of the body that gets cold easily. The 200KHz current gently warms the skin and leads to improved skin health.



A weak alternating current repeatedly flows between the 9-pole elements, causing microwaves.
The gentle wave causes the facial muscles to work.



Supports healthy skin using various wavelengths of light.

24KEp Element

The surface has been processed with 24K gold, which is said to have the highest affinity with the skin.
Introduced a verification system with NFC tags. You can check the serial number by uploading the built-in NFC tag on your smartphone.
3D Movable Head
Uses a special head which can move freely in every direction. It fits snuggly along the curve of your face. Provides a stress free treatment.
Incorporates the solid feeling of metal with the delicate processing of Japanese plating technology.

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