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PE Golden beauty the Serum 120ml

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PE Golden beauty the Serum 120ml


Product Features
Focus on firm skin. Leads to tight and refined skin.

The firmness and texture of the skin is lost over time.
Discover the necessary elements to make your skin beautiful and condition your aging skin.
A luxuriously blended thick moisturizing serum that is compatible with the exclusive beauty product Arrivo.

Fullerene Hydrogenated Lecithin Phytosterols Human Oligopeptide-1 Human Oligopeptide-13 Human Oligopeptide-2 Human Oligopeptide-14 Human Oligopeptide-4 Aspergillus/Soybean Seed Extract Fermented Extract Liquid Apple Fruit Culture Cell Extract Swallow Nest Extract

※ Please discontinue use if there is a negative reaction with your skin

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