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The patented ingredients cut out both sugar and fat! Salacia + Chitosan




・cut out both sugar and fat

・Reduces 40% of sugar absorbed! Burns fat!

・Good for constipation as well!

・Delicious food has a lot of both sugar and fat.


When we’re at home, we accidentally overeat, or constantly eat even though we’re not hungry. “Dream supplement” appears at such time!

“Chitoshinol VV Cut” which reduces the absorption of sugar and fat while improving bowel movements.

Composed of 8 high-quality, carefully selected ingredients.

Just drink it before meals! A great effect to look forward to♪


①Salacia, mulberry leaf, gymnema

- Reduces sugar absorption

Just drink it before eating, reduces the absorption of sugar by 40%


②High molecular water-soluble chitosan, Salacia, capsaicin, lysine

-Burns fat, suppresses accumulation

Absorbs excess fat and is excreted. Burns fat to prevent it from accumulating

Recommended for the following people

□The meal restriction during dieting is stressful

□Stomach getting chubby recently

□Loves rice and noodles

□There’s always more room for dessert

□Irregular eating habits and often eats out

□Tends to overeat

3 points where it is different from other Salacia products!

Point 1

Uses Salacia of the highest quality!

Salacia extract can be divided into 3 ranks according to the extraction method and activity. The 3 types are “Salacia extract D”, “Salacia extract A” and “Salacia extract C”. Among the 3 types, the one with the highest quality and contains a large amount of the active ingredient “Salacinol” which has high activity is “Salacia extract D”. “Chitoshinol Double Cut” uses “Salacia extract D” as its main ingredient.

Point 2

Abundance of active ingredient, a committed extraction method

The active ingredient contained in Salacia differs according to the parts (leaf, branch, stem, underground part, rhizome). “Salacia extract D” uses the “underground part and rhizome” which has the highest content of active ingredients.

In addition, the extraction method used is “ethanol extraction” which extracts it properly at a low temperature using a long time. Compared to the conventional extraction method which is the “hot water extraction”, the extraction is done over a long period of time, thus allowing the active ingredients of Salacia to be completely extracted.

Point 3

Patented ingredients in Japan and overseas

Salacia ingredient patent. Patent name: “Compound with inhibitory effect on α-glucosidase”

Patent number: Patent No. 303000: Japan / US637668 United States

Salacia + Chitosan mix manufacturing method. Patent name: “Anti-hyperlipidemic agent” Patent number:

Patent No. 3325875: Japan

Salacia ingredient patent. Patent name: “Digestive system motility enhancing agent”

Patent number: Patent No. 3771789: Japan

※Some patents have expired, but we use high quality ingredients which received patents.


Recommended effective intake timing

●It is recommended to take it 15~30 minutes before meal.

●Take 1 to 3 times a day before meals or before eating something sweet.

●Take more especially before a meal high in carbohydrates and fats to prevent stomach upset.

※For those who have food allergies, please be sure to confirm the ingredients.


Soft capsule

Olive oil (made in Spain), Gymnema sylvestre extract, mulberry leaf extract powder, Salacia extract powder, high-molecular water-soluble chitosan (contains shrimp and crab)/gelatin, glycerin, L-lysine hydrochloride, glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax, spice extract.


Candle bush powder (made locally), reduced maltose starch syrup, yeast (contains chromium), brewer’s yeast (contains soybean),/crystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester, fine silicon dioxide.

③Candle bush, Salacia, yeast

-Improves bowel movement, skin beautifying effect

Improves refreshing intestinal environment

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