Rejuve Face Renewal Cream

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Leading edge firmness component and rich moisturization


Rejuve face Renewal Cream

Component creates refined, firm, lustrous skin / Longer lasting moisture and beauty
The best version of firmness for you. This is the age of total aging care*1 control cream. Moisture keep network delivery system*2 gradually releases the moisturizing component in the keratin layer to create beautiful looking skin with lasting moisture. Compounded with marine microorganism ingredient Arctalice*3, which was obtained in the deep, cold northern sea near Greenland where the Aurora Borealis can be seen. Creates smooth and shining skin.
* 1 Care applied according to the age
* 2*3 Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract (skin conditioning)

Product Features

Refined firmness with marine microorganism ingredient Arctalice*3
* Shining beautiful skin, glossy, lustrous skin.
* Soft, moist skin with premium moisturizing components.
* Smoothly spreading cream for luxury treatment time.

How to use:
At the end of skin treatment in the morning or at night, take 8 mm pearl size of the product onto the hand using a spatula and spread across the entire face.

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