Rejuve Face Renewal Wash

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Removes dirt while protecting your skin


Rejuve face Renewal Wash

Skincare components containing gifts from the sea to create skin so glossy it makes everyone envious.
Cleansing agent that gently washes delicate, trouble-prone skin with rich foam. Polishes every grain of skin texture for a watery, glossy skin with a moist, smooth finish.
WAKAPAMP*frees the skin from drying after washing, creating smooth skin filled with moisture. This cleansing foam is designed to make washing time the ultimate relaxation time.
* * Undaria Pinnatifida Extract(Moisturizing)

Product Features:
* Dense foam gently removes old keratin, a cause of rough and dull skin.
* Cleansing agent with a rich feel, like using a beauty serum.
* Creates soft, smooth skin.
* Provides a watery, glossy finish after washing.

How to use:
Use after cleansing or wetting the face. Build up the foam in the palm of your hand using an appropriate amount of the product (about 2 cm), and cover the entire face in foam to wash gently. Rinse off carefully with water or lukewarm water.

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