Rejuve Face Renewal Oil Essence

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Oil essence that fills the skin with vitality, providing moisture and firmness

Rejuve face Renewal Oil Essence

Blends with the skin rapidly for a mesmerizing feel.
The combination of the marine aroma and the high quality beauty oil that blends well with the skin and has a smooth, dry finish, relaxes the skin and the mind. Add richness to everyday care. Water-soluble proteoglycan prevents the skin from drying, delivering moisture to every corner of the keratin layer for skin with a smooth texture and touch. Creating refined skin that is tempting to touch, with firmness, gloss, fine texture, moisture, and smoothness.

Product Features

* High quality beauty oil essence that blends rapidly with the skin.
* Carefully selected luxury moisturizing components for skin, creating firmness, gloss, fine texture, and moisture.
* Creating refined skin that is tempting to touch.
* Marine aroma relaxes the skin and the mind.


How to use:
Use in the morning and evening after beauty serum. Take 3 pushes of the product and blend across the entire face. Use of cream afterwards is recommended.

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