Rejuve face Renewal Bright Up UV Shield

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Like wearing a watery veil

Rejuve face Renewal Bright Up UV Shield

Comforting "UV protection with bare skin feel"

Protects the skin from UV rays not only in everyday life situations but also in seasons with special concern for UV rays as well as in leisure scenes. Sunscreen with a watery and light feel of use, suppressing any creaking and sticky sensations, while providing abundant moisture. The product realizes both the UV protection function and pleasant feel of use. PUREOXIN (TM)* delivers shine to the skin and makes the texture smooth to create skin with natural luster.
* * Oligopeptide-4 (skin conditioning)
[SPF50+ PA+++]

How to use

Take a small amount of the product on the hand and spread evenly over the entire face and body. Reapply after sweating or after wiping the skin dry with a towel. Can be removed with normal cleansing products and body soap.

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