FUCRA Bust Enriching Cream

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A cream that leads to a bust with volume, firmness and bounce

Wear an "invisible bra" to increase the tension. Use during the day is recommended!

Supports bust areas where sagging from changes in weight after aging, pregnancy and childbirth are noticeable. 

A treatment cream for breats with volume and bounce. The rich and thick cream gently spreads on the bust, and can provide comfort and nourishment. It supports areas where sagging from aging, pregnancy, and childbirth are noticeable. Lack of proper moisturization is the cause for less volume, firmness, and glow in the bust area. This special cream leaves the breasts smooth, and enhances the firmness and texture.

Net content 120l
Made in Japan

How to Use

Put an appropriate amount (2-3 pumps) on the palm of your hand, warm it to body temperature, and apply entirely on the breasts with both hands.
※Be careful of any irregularities that may occur on the skin from use. Please discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.

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