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A skin-friendly and weakly-acid facial wash

【Make up Remover Facial Wash 】

Doctors’ cosmetics that allow you to truly experience the care you would receive at a skin clinic at home

MILD CLEASING GEL is a skin-friendly and weakly-acid facial wash.
It can be used even by wet hands and on wet face.
You can remove your makeup and wash your face simultaneously with it.

Directions for Use

【This product can also be used with wet hands and wet faces】
《Face Wash》
Squeeze out 1 or 2 pumps onto your palm, add a bit of lukewarm water, rub it into your skin while forming bubbles, and rinse it off.
《Makeup Remover and Face Wash》
Rub 2 or 3 pumps into your entire face, allow the makeup and grime to rise out of your skin, add a bit of lukewarm water to your face, form bubbles, and rinse it off.

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