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Miss Arrivo Ghost PREMIUM

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Miss Arrivo Ghost PREMIUM

Simply aesthetic.

A small device that fits in the palm of your hand.
The Miss Arrivo Ghost PREMIUM is carefully crafted with the functions needed to bring out your inner beauty.
It has been designed to be functional yet simple.
For supple, beautiful skin. With results that are sure to impress.
For more enjoyable daily treatments.
Embrace your will to be beautiful.
With carefully selected high quality features.
Small, wireless, and fitted with three modes, perfect for those looking for simplicity.

1. EMS Mode
Facial muscle training for improved skin tone
For those concerned about laugh lines and their facial outline, it’s imperative to train the facial muscles as a supplement to beauty.
EMS is a weak electric current that strengthens facial muscles and other inner muscles. It moves the facial muscles, which are said to be used only about 30% of the time in everyday life, allowing you to train them daily.

2. MFIP Mode / 3. ULTRA PULSE Mode
Introduce*, train, and heat: Three functions for a rejuvenated, brilliant complexion.
Both modes carry out the three functions of Insert Pulse, EMS, and Medium/High Frequency at the same time. With all three functions operating simultaneously, the device is able to bring out your beauty more rapidly. Ultra Pulse can be used to produce a constant output of these three functions from the device. Alternatively, for an intermittent output, use MFIP. This is to try to emulate the tapping of an aesthetician. After using the MFIP mode, you can apply the Ultra Pulse mode to touch up the skin, leading to more vibrancy.

Featuring LED wavelengths for healthier skin
The red, green, and blue light wavelengths care for your skin while promoting the infusion of skincare ingredients. * Up to the stratum corneum

Red: To reduce flabby face lines
Green: For clear, radiant skin
Blue: To alleviate problems such as excessive sebum, etc.

Compact, wireless, and stress-free
With a compact head that fits smoothly along the uneven surface of the face.
Its wireless nature further enhances its allure by making it easy to use whenever you feel like it.

Pink Gold
AC Adapter, USB Cable (Pin Type), Carrying Pouch, Guarantee Card, User’s Manual and Warranty
10 minutes
* This product does not have waterproof capabilities, so please refrain from use in bathrooms.

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