Plamine TSUYA&SARA Supplement

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Plamine TSUYA&SARA Supplement

Contains 2 major ingredients solving women’s hair problems.

1. Mangosteen aqua: Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd.
"Queen of Fruits" Mangosteen
Collagen glycation care
Gloss, elasticity, and fresh
Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd.: International Patent No. 162950
“Fibroblast growth promoter and glycation reaction inhibitor”

2. HGP: Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd.
Ingredients derived from egg yolk protein
Approach from the inside body
Beauty hair that has firmness, elasticity and luster.
 HGP: Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd.: Patent No. 6393772
“Promotion of hair growth and their use. ”
It is recommended for those who have such hair worries:
●Easy to dry ●Getting anxious just with daily outside care
●Hair is getting slack    ●Worrying about hair loss
●Hair quality has changed.   ●Volume of hair is getting small
●Soft hair that difficult to keep hair styling

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