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Professional massage for skin that bursts with suppleness.
A rich-textured emulsion that contours to your skin for a luxurious massage. For supple and elastic skin, with refined facial expressions.
90 g ¥13,200 (incl. tax)

[B.A science]
“BIOACTIVE THEORY” Lives in Every Drop
The essence of beauty is achieved by fully drawing on the inherent power found in each skin cell.
POLA set up the B.A Research Center to delve deeper into the “BIOACTIVE THEORY”, which is the quintessence of B.A.
We are working with research institutions in Japan and overseas to present a way forward for next-generation beautiful skin, by looking at both a woman’s skin and her senses.
POLA Life Science Research: Versican
Focusing on Versican — One of the Skin’s Growth Factors

Regenerating the skin, once again. This is the concept that has driven life science research at POLA, and evolved our study of the skin.
Versican is one of the factors involved in the growth of new skin.
The amount of versican decreases significantly as we grow, and once we reach adulthood the body hardly produces it.
This is one of the reasons why in the mature skin of an adult, there are areas that cannot fully regenerate or repair themselves, and this leads to dryness, sagging, and other signs of aging.
POLA Life Science Research focuses on drawing out the skin’s inherent powers for healing and regeneration.
We are working on clarifying the connection between mature adult skin and versican, and expanding the possibilities for achieving beauty.
We want to help women achieve glowing and lustrous skin, which is filled with vitality.

[B.A MASSAGE CREAM Ingredients and Quality]
Contains POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient Golden LP*1.
Uses a relatively rare type of silk ingredient, even with the golden cocoons used as raw ingredients for expensive silk in and around Thailand.
Golden LP is POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient, which is extracted using our self-developed method from this golden cocoon (a rare type of ingredient that accounts for 0.0001% of the cocoon production volume in major countries worldwide). It is one of the ingredients the POLA B.A brand is known for.
*1 Golden LP: Hydrolyzed silk

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