Sexy & Sophisticated Shorts


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Color: purple

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【Product Description】

Elegant lace makes these the perfect undershorts for any woman. The pattern design adapts to the body line, holding in the abdomen and rounding the hips. Delicately curved fabric wraps around the hips, preventing unpleasant swelling. These undershorts are made of a far-red vair fabric with excellent elasticity that feels smooth and comfortable against the skin in daily use. The leg openings are fringed with delicate lace to leave skin feeling soft and avoid tightness on the thighs. Pair with the brassiere for the perfect sophisticated feminine look and feel.


Nylon, polyurethane, etc.

【Shorts Features】

Designed for elegance and comfort, these are the undershorts for a beautiful and accomplished woman, with a pattern design that wraps the waist firmly for a beautiful hip line and comfortable fit.

・Back of the body and the rear of the front lace area are covered in far-red vair T-cloth that is gentle on the skin.
・Gentle lace reduces pressure on the groin area to avoid tightness and stress.

・3-D pattern design wraps around the hips for a firm but stable fit.

Nylon, polyurethane, etc.

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