Silk Amino PLUS Edible Hair Restorer

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Your hair is basically your face! In the age of the mask, the quality of your hair is more important than your hairstyle!

Even when you are wearing a mask, are far away, or across a screen.
The beauty of hair stays in the mind of people who see it.
And the beauty of hair does not lie!

This product helps with gloss, gray hairs, thinning hair, loss of volume, and other concerns related to age in these days when hair comes first due to masks and social distancing!

Silk amino acids refer to pure amino acids that have been extracted from silk and turned into a low-molecule compound.
Approximately one-fifth of the human body is comprised of 20 types of amino acids. Silk Amino Plus contains 18 of these amino acids.

Do many people give up on reviving their own hair, blaming their genetics, age, or traits and thinking that nothing would be worthwhile?

We offer total hair care that anybody can do easily and is based on irrefutable clinical data and results restoring hair.

It uses silk amino acids extracted from natural silkworm cocoons as raw materials. It is rich in 18 essential amino acids. . It adopts Japanese high-tech processing technology, and the absorption rate of small molecule amino acids reaches more than 90%, and it reaches the whole body in about 30 minutes, dredge and expand blood vessels. , promote blood circulation, inhibit DHT, improve hair growth cycle, and feed amino acids to hair roots.

Capsules /60 capsules

For hair growth, take 3 capsules in the morning and evening (6 capsules per day). The effect is better when it is taken in the fasting state!

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