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The ultimate lifting serum set

Supple / Glossy Lifting Serum
Ultra Lift Serum Set

30ml + 10ml
Normal Price: 16,500 yen (with tax)

Doctors’ cosmetics that allow you to truly experience the care you would receive at a skin clinic at home

Born in the front line of cutting-edge cosmetic medicine
Dr. Soie's most powerful set of lifting serums has arrived!
Please truly experience the never-before-seen lift-up effects.

For use in the morning and at night

Directions for Use

After applying skin lotion, squeeze out appropriate amounts of the Moist Lift Plus Serum and the Saibow Serum onto your palm, mix them together, and rub it into your entire face as if pressing each part with your palm. (It is most effective to mix equal amounts.)
If you would like to increase the lift-up effect, we recommend applying it to the parotid glands (in front and behind the ears) also.

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