AUTOBAHN KOHSO Enzyme 30pack

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Over 200 years of Japanese fermentation technology, pure natural plant fermentation

without any additives and heat treatment, fermentation at room temperature. Ferment at room temperature. It selects more than 100 kinds of raw materials and Okinawa brown sugar and is fermented by the "Cellar yeast" in the wine cellar for more than 4 years.

Longer fermentation time can make the molecules smaller, which is more conducive to absorption. The enzyme has antioxidant properties, it can activate cells, increase metabolism, improve the digestive system, beautify skin, improve immunity, NK activity, relieve hangovers and improve liver function, relieve muscles and promote blood circulation, prevent cancer, help fetuses grow and so on.

It has been prepared using Kuratsuki yeast, which has a tradition of 200 years
It is matured and fermented completely for over 3 years using over 100 types of carefully-selected ingredients

Safe, reliable manufacturing
We do not use any antiseptics or synthetic preservatives and even ferment it at normal temperatures for manufacturing without any added water or heat.

Paste/5g×30 packs / 27,000 JPY
Paste/5g×90 packs / 81,000 JPY

Usage: It is recommended to take 1-2 packs a day for daily health care.

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