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A moisturizing serum for smooth and superbly supple skin.

This luxuriously dense serum sinks smoothly into your skin.

For supple and moist skin, which looks hydrated and fresh.


40 ml ¥14,850 (incl. tax)

[B.A SERUM REVUP science]

An Industry First:
Focusing on the Skin’s Self-Cleaning Cycle.
Did you know the skin’s epidermal cells and fibroblast cells have a self-cleaning cycle function?
Over time, these cells break down and regenerate decayed hyaluronic acid and collagen.
This cycle continues in a loop to keep the skin looking fresh and vibrant.

[B.A SERUM REVUP Ingredients and Quality]

Luxuriously thick, with a pleasant-feeling penetration*1.

Contains POLA’s original “Water base” that pleasantly glides over the skin, with oils that protect the skin while making it soft and plump. This luxuriously dense serum sinks smoothly into your skin.

*1 Penetration: Through to the stratum corneum
*2 EG Clear Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - lotus flower extract
*3 YAC Clear Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Japanese mugwort extract
(All of the images shown are for illustrative purposes only.)

Contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients.
EG Clear Extract*2 from the lotus flower, and YAC Extract*3 from the Japanese mugwort, both of which are extracted in high concentrations. Contains POLA’s original plant-derived moisturizing ingredients.

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