Beauty Magic Block [2g x 32 pieces]


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Oily, sugary, very hungry – why didn’t I drink it before the meal!!

What is Beauty Magic Block?

A lemon-flavored granule-type supplement that can be consumed without water.

“I want to reduce calorie intake while I’m on a diet, but I don’t want to stop eating delicious food!”
If you drink it right before, it will block sugar, oil and hunger all at once.

[For such occasions as…]

If you want to eat rice and dessert without suffering the consequences, it is recommended to drink Beauty Magic Block before or during meals.

・Irresistible sweets and snacks
・Late night meals
・Dieting but still want to eat bread and cake
・Inevitable temptation of dessert

[Drinking Timing]

We recommend drinking it before or during a meal.

*Beauty Magic is a health food, so there is no fixed timing when you can drink it, though our recommendation right before a meal).

[Drink to Firmly Block!]

○ Excess fat

Too much oil
○ Sugar
Snack that just can’t be resisted
○ Hunger
Suppress hunger by drinking before meals

[Lipid Blockers]

Sake lees resistant protein
Dietary fiber from sake lees traps oil and excretes it out of the body

[Appetite Suppressors]

Fiber lixa
Sustains good bacteria called thin bacteria and stimulates the satiety center
Gentle sugar absorption

Indigestible dextrin
Absorption control ingredient common in Tokuho foods

Promotion of waste discharge

Apple fiber
Increases stools with water-soluble and insoluble dietary fiber

[Start Beauty Magic <Block>! 3-day intestinal detox diet]


Detoxifies the intestines in 3 days, leading to intestines that make it easier to lose and harder to gain weight.


〇 Drink Beauty Magic <Block> only as specified
〇 Regular meals are OK except on the night of the 3rd day
〇 Drink Beauty Magic <Clear> on days when you eat or drink too much
3-day meal schedule

※One Beauty Magic Block is equivalent to one banana and three are equivalent to a quarter of a cabbage.

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