Beauty Magic Clear [2g x 32 pieces]


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RebodyDrinking too much. Overeating. UV rays. Not enough to drink after eating!!

What is Beauty Magic?

A berry flavored granule-type supplement that you can drink without water. 

A protective supplement so that you don't have to be afraid of eating too much or drinking too much alcohol while on a diet.
If you drink it after a meal you feel guilty about, it will all clear up the next day.

[For such occasions as...]

Recommended to be taken the day after a heavy meal or drinking too much alcohol.

・Invitation to a drinking party during a diet.
・Late night meals
・That dessert you can't pass up
・Overindulging at the buffet
・Too much alcohol

[Drinking Timing]

Recommended to be consumed after eating or drinking too much. If you forget to bring it with you while eating out, it is still effective to take it before bed.

*Beauty Magic is a health food, so there is no fixed timing when you can drink it, though our recommendation is postprandial (right after a meal).

[Drink it and you're in the clear!]

○ Overeating

Even prevents weight gain the day after eating too much!
○ Drinking too much
Works even the day after drinking too much alcohol!
○ UV rays
Even acts against overexposure to UV rays!
○ Fatigue
Heals your tired body too!

[Diet action ingredient]

Fermented grain extract, grain koji, papaya powder

Digestive enzyme approach
Kiwi extract/fermented sake lees
Approaching fat
Whey protein/powdered black vinegar
Supports fat burning

[Detoxifying ingredient]

Yeast extract

Detoxification and discharge support for harmful substances

[Improvements to intestinal environment]

Indigestible dextrin

Water-soluble dietary fiber supports excretion
Sustains good bacteria in the intestines

[Nutrition Supply]


11 kinds of vitamins required by the body

[Question & Answer]

Q Is there a limit to how many drinks I can have?
A There is essentially no upper limit to the number of drinks you can have. So far the most we have seen has been 6 per day.

Q Are there any ingredients that could cause allergic reactions?
A Since soybeans and wheat are among the raw ingredients, please refrain from taking if you are allergic to either.

Q Is it okay to take it along with medicine?
A Not a problem, but take with meals as it may accelerate the effect of the medicine if taken on an empty stomach.

Q Is it okay to take it while pregnant or breastfeeding?
A Please consult with your doctor. Because the physical condition of women who are pregnant or breastfeeding varies, we cannot be sure how it will affect you, so check with your doctor just in case.

【Product Specifications】

2g×32 pieces

Regular Salon Price
¥5,940 (32 pieces) (tax included)

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