CellPure Clear Wash (facial cleanser) 120g

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Clear Wash (facial cleanser) 120g
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Moisturizing facial cleanser containing human-type ceramide
Effect: Moisturizing face cleansing, pore shrinkage, acne prevention, improvement of skin issues

Contains three types of human-type ceramide, the moisturizing ingredient that is most like human skin.
Gentle cleansing ingredients remove dirt while moisturizing the skin.

Enriched with moisturizers and natural beauty ingredients to moisturize and clear skin.

No artificial fragrances, no artificial colorants, no mineral oils, no alcohol.

(Grapefruit essential oil scent)

Directions for use:
Place a moderate amount (2-3cm) in the hand and rub into a foam. Gently wash the entire face. Then thoroughly rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

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