CellPure EP Serum Concentrate 30ml

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EP Serum Concentrate 30ml

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Rejuvenating serum with female hormone ingredients
Effects: moisturizing, skin lightening, acne improvement, rejuvenation

Contains female hormone ingredients ethinyl estradiol, pomegranate flower extract, and soybean seed extract to help maintain the natural freshness of women's skin.

Also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe acne and other skin problems caused by hormonal imbalance.
Recommended for premenstrual skin problems and for skin that is dry due to hormone loss.

No artificial fragrances, no artificial colorants, no mineral oils, no alcohol, no oil content.
(Fragrance free)

Directions for use:
After cleansing, mix an appropriate amount (1 to 2 drops) with face wash or beauty serum and gently apply to face. Layering is recommended for eye and mouth areas of concern.

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