CellPure Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

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Moisturizing Lotion 200ml
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Moisturizing lotion containing three kinds of human-type ceramide
Effect: moisturizing, skin lightening, pore shrinkage, helps to prevent skin problems

Contains three kinds of human ceramide, the moisturizing ingredient that is most like human skin.
Also enriched with placenta extract, vitamin C derivative, female hormone-like ingredients, and an anti-inflammatory concentrate.

This product ameliorates women's skin problems and leads to skin that is less likely to have issues.

With a thick consistency, it penetrates deep throughout the epidermis, bringing moisture and gloss to skin, making it shine from the inside.

No artificial fragrances, no artificial colorants, no mineral oils, no alcohol.
(Grapefruit essential oil fragrance)

Directions for use:
After washing the face, place a moderate amount (about the size of a large coin) into the palm of the hand and rub it in on the whole face. For those concerned with dryness, again take the same amount, place your face into the palms of your hands, and push down.

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