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The Vzusa (Purple)

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The Vzusa (Purple) Beauty Equipment  


Product Features
New Series 「The Vzusa」. With the unrelenting pursuit of design and an overwhelming experience, once you try it, you will be drawn to its charm!


The insert pulse, EMS, and medium/high frequency waves flow intermittently. You can expect a similar feeling to that of shiatsu and tapping performed by an esthetician.


Insert pulse, EMS, medium and high frequency waves are output simultaneously from four elements.


A light current repeatedly flows between the four elements, causing microwaves to act on the facial muscles.


Adsorbs dirt on the skin with the power of ions and removes dirt that normally doesn't get removed.



The treatment uses various wavelengths of light which supports healthy skin. (Equipped with three switchable colors: red, blue, and green)


The electrical stimulation is eased by the vibration. Equipped with two modes.

24KEp Element

The surface is processed with 24K gold, which is said to have the highest affinity with the skin.

Power Rating: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
DC 12V・1.5V

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