Rejuve Face Renewal Lotion

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Glamourous approach with dense feeling on the skin

Rejuve face Renewal Lotion

Creating bare skin with firmness, even texture, moisture, and luster
Watery fresh lotion with a rich compounding of carefully selected marine beauty components spreads on the skin to make the skin supple.
Highly moisturizing beauty lotion with luxurious feel of use and moisturizing sensation. Enjoy the rich sensation of PAUSEILE™*1 moisturizing every corner of the keratin layer. Aging care*2 beauty lotion with exquisite texture provides soft and watery moisture to protect the skin fully from damage caused by dryness, creating a youthful appearance with moisture, smoothness, and gloss.
* 1 Bacillus Ferment (skin conditioning)
* 2 Care applied according to the age

Product Features:
* Watery moisturizing sensation to create soft, moist skin.
* Shining beautiful skin, glossy and lustrous skin.
* Creates lustrous skin that is smooth to touch.
* For smooth, beautiful skin toned with soft, moist feel of use.

How to use:
After washing the face in the morning and at night, take 3 pushes of the product onto the hand and spread it across the entire face.

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