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Beauty smile white bringts


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For white teeth and fresh breath.

This toothpaste has many benefits in addition to whitening teeth.

It will not scratch your teeth. It freshens your mouth with just a small amount, is non-abrasive, and removes stains.

【1】Prevents tooth decay

【2】Whitens teeth

【3】Removes plaque

【4】Cleanses the mouth

【5】Suppresses and prevents bad breath

【6】Removes "tarnish" from teeth

【7】Prevents tartar build-up

Contains anti-inflammatory components of carbon and silver ions, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, and licorice plant, effectively preventing periodontitis, gingivitis, and bad breath.


How to use:

・Use a small amount Put about 0.5 cm onto your toothbrush

・Brush carefully Gently stimulate and massage your gums to improve circulation to the area.

・Rinse gently

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