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Whitening x Preventative Dentistry 


Disinfects and moistens the mouth, and prevents bad breath, cavities, and microbial growth.

・Contains naturally occurring carbon and silver ions as well as platinum.

・Excellent preventative effects! Brushing your teeth and tongue are as important as gargling, hand washing, and wearing a mask.

・Whitens and cleans the teeth without scraping.


How to use:

・Use a small amount

Put about 0.5 cm onto your toothbrush

 ・Brush carefully

Gently stimulate and massage your gums to improve circulation to the area.

 ・Rinse gently

Gargle less than usual after brushing, about once or twice. By allowing a small amount of Smile One to remain in you mouth, you can expect less bacterial growth, leading to more effective prevention of bad breath.

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