Direia Stem Platinum Bio Mask

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High concentrations of  stem cell culture serum, progerin, and chronoline


A next generation face mask! A high penetration bio-celluose mask. Provides a luxurious feel that moisturizes and leads to ultimate beauty.


For sagging and wrinkles:Strengthens the tissues in the basement membrane zone and normalizes the functions of the dermis and epidermis. For blemishes and whitening:Accelerates the turnover of epidermal stem cells by restoring their youth. Leads to clear and fair skin. For cellular regeneration:Over 200 growth factors and bioactive compounds work on the skin's stem cells to enhance regeneration.

【Additive free】

Free of synthetic fragrances, alcohols, dyes, parabens, mineral oils, and silicones. 25ml×4sheet

【How to use】

❶Cleanse skin before application.

❷The mask contains three layers. Remove the outer protective layer, align mask on face, and hold tightly to face. Once adhered to face, remove the second protective layer.

❸After 10-20 minutes, slowly remove the mask and gently rub any remaining serum into skin. We recommend using mask once or twice per week.

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