DOI lift-up lace bra

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Color: Black

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For beautiful posture and an improved bust line!

Beautiful functional lace cosmetic underwear without the pain

・Lift-up lace bra supports the muscles of the back that support the spine, adjusting the spine to the center of the body in a natural S-shaped curve.
・Provides beautiful posture and an improved bust line to avoid the stooped posture of old age.
・Since there are no wires or straps to bite into the skin, the bra has a comfortable fit with few feelings of tightness.
・Y-shaped support line on the back corrects to beautiful posture.
・All materials made and manufactured in Japan. Uses patented high-performance high-power lace.

How to Put It On

・To wear the bra, it is recommended to open the neckline and put it on from below.
・Please ensure that the bust fits into the cup. It should feel slightly tight at the armpit.
・Bend forward and place into the cup any excess bust that has slipped underneath.

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