Large Tenshi Shaper

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Focuses on acupuncture points that tighten the "greater trochanter" for beautiful legs and hips, using a 3D harness structure that pinpoints pelvic acupoints with its guide function.

・The pubis bone and sacroiliac are tightened and the "base" is stabilized. Through tightening the pubis bone after childbirth and wrapping and tightening the entire area, the sacroiliac joint is also supported and the overall body "base" is stabilized.
・Helps to regain correct beautiful posture. Effective for O-legs, lower back pain, and stiffness in shoulders and neck.
・Induces leg movement and stimulates adductor muscles, as well as serving as countermeasure to incontinence as it stimulates the inner muscles, important for urinary incontinence prevention, and pelvic floor muscle.

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