DASSO Bust Massage Gel

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A bust-care essence that was developed to easily reproduce a beauty salon's popular bust-care detox massage at home

An essence that washes away waste products to plump the bust, and creates a base that makes it easy for nutrients to flow to the fat cells.

It works around the breasts, and supports the skin in the bust area just like the invisible bra. Take off the stiffness around the breast area while pressing on the acupoints of the breasts.

Net content 85g

Made in Japan


【How to Use】

Put an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, warm it to body temperature, and apply from the bottom of the stomach up to the to the collarbones. Then, from the acupoint in the middle of the left and right nipple, spread it to the chest to the arm joint, go towards the acupoint in the bottom-center part of the armpit, and massage in order to drain the lymph nodes.

※Be careful of any irregularities that may occur on the skin from use. Please discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.

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