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An anti-aging device to revamp your first impressions
An anti-aging device to support and maintain your entire head, not just for thinning hair and volume.

First impressions are greatly influenced by healthy hair and a supple complexion.

Dr. Scalp was launched in 2012 with the intention of helping people suffering from thinning hair and volume.
It now has partnerships with over 2,000 medical institutions, hair salons, and aesthetic salons in Japan.

A unique brush design that fits gently along the curves of the skin
Designed with a shape to perfectly fit the shape of your face and head for an enhanced feel and adhesion.

01 Scalp Care

SP (Scramble-pulse Poration) Mode
Let your skincare ingredients infuse into your skin
A special painless electric pulse to replenish the ingredients applied to your skin, while maintaining the scalp and skin.

02 Face Care

A comfortable tapping sensation
The 12-pole elements are divided into group one and group two, each containing six poles which continuously apply electric pulses to provide a pleasant sensation similar to the acupressure or tapping performed by an aesthetician.
Patent Obtained: Patent No. 5872741

Four Functions Common to Both Modes

LED (Red) The wavelengths of the ten red LEDs work to promote scalp activity.

EMS A weak electric current flows repeatedly between elements, creating microwaves that gently impact the muscles.

Vibration (Can be turned on/off) On top of relieving skin tension and reducing stress on the skin, the vibration also promotes the penetration of skincare products.

Medium/High Frequency The device operates at a gentle 90kHz medium-high frequency. This gentle warms the skin so as not to overload it.


After shampooing and towel drying, apply roughly 20 pumps of Excellence VEGF Plus (special essence) all over the scalp.
Apply starting from under the chin, along the face line to below the ears, then around to the back of your shoulder. Apply purified water to the skin before use.
Recommended usage of Dr. Scalp is 1-2 times per week. Excellence VEGF Plus is suitable for daily use.

Power Supply 100V-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption Max 12W
Output Frequency 80kHz
LED Wavelength 620mm(±10)
External Dimensions 191×48×75
Unit Weight 168g

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