Dr.Select Placenta Shampoo EX

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Dr.Select Placenta Shampoo EX

A placenta series born from the medical scene for professional use.

Made with domestic pig placenta
Ingredients that have undergone various tests
Does not contain hormones

500mL  Main bottle 4,500 yen (4,950 yen including tax)
500mL  Refill 4,200 yen (4,620 yen including tax)

It adds volume to the roots for hair with a natural suppleness and thickness. A cleaning base derived from keratin PPT, a component that repairs damage. It foams creamily and gently washes the scalp and hair.

Contains 50000mg of raw placenta
[Representative ingredients] Placenta extract, nano CMC, keratin PPT (feathers and wool), mulberry root extract, eggshell membrane, fulvic acid, fucoidan, acai palm fruit extract, persimmon tannin

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