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Glossy, supple skin for adults

Supple Lift-Up Serum / Skin Lotion Supple Skin Set 
Normal Price: 15,990 yen (with tax)

Doctors’ cosmetics that allow you to truly experience the care you would receive at a skin clinic at home

Concentrated care for supple skin through distillation that suits your objectives!
For natural skin that is forever beautiful and shiny, as it is so supple that it appears to spring back from the inside

The Supple Skin Set pairs a skin lotion (Saibow Lotion) and a lift-up serum (Moist Lift Plus Serum). Since the lotion is also infused with DMAE, using the entire line will allow you to feel the effects even more prominently.

Directions for Use

[Critical Lotion]
Squeeze out a dollar coin-sized amount of lotion onto your palm and rub it into your entire face, neck, and collar bones as if pressing each part with your palm. We recommend applying multiple layers on parts that trouble you with dryness.

[Moist Lift Plus Serum]
Squeeze out 3 or 4 pumps onto your palm and rub it into your entire face, behind your ears, neck, and collar bones. Rub it in slowly from the inside of your face to the outside and gently from bottom to top for your neck and collar bones.

Order of Use:
【Order of Use】 Makeup Remover and Face Wash (Mild Cleansing Gel)→Vitamin C Serum (APP-C Fulla Serum)→Skin Lotion (Critical Lotion)→Hydroquinone Serum (HQ-C Fulla Serum) *If applying to your entire face→Lift-Up Serum (Moist Lift Plus Serum)→Milky Lotion (Impressive Emulsion)→Moisturizing Cream (Premium Cream)→Hydroquinone Serum (HQ-C Fulla Serum) *If applying to spots and blemishes

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