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HGH –  Human Growth Hormone supplement loved by age-defying beauty experts

The main ingredients are amino acids and vitamins, which are further reduced in size through Japan’s advanced high-tech production technology to enhance absorption efficiency. The "Golden Formula" activates the body's potential and stimulates the brain to secrete HGH. The increase in HGH secretion promotes the regeneration of skin cells, tissues and organs and restores it to a young state, a natural young state from the inside out. It also has more features such as hypoglycemic and whitening

The next-generation HGH supplement produced through research and results developed over roughly 20 years

Scientific backing and confirmed safety through clinical trials

Ingredients that have been mixed using our proprietary new technology are designed to provide beauty and health in this HGH supplement based on a new concept.

Japan’s first supplement paste that pursues absorbency and drinkability

The delicious lychee flavor makes it easy to continue to take it
This supplement is easy for the entire family to continue to take, since it can be enjoyed deliciously by anybody.

Paste /10g×30 Packs

Under the fasting state, sublingual for more than 40 seconds, the components of small molecules are absorbed through the sublingual mucosa, directly enter the blood through the capillaries, and reach the brain within 1 minute to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to secrete HGH. Take 1 pack in the morning and evening in the fasting state. Avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes before and after taking it.

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