NMN renage 10500 I-Power 105grains

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NMN is said to be a "medicine for longevity and rejuvenation.


NMN is a metabolite of niacin called β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide. It is also a component contained in breast milk, green, soybeans, and broccoli avocado, and is a member of the vitamin B3 group. In recent years, it is expected that the activation switch of the sirtuin gene (longevity gene) will be turned on by ingestion of NMN. In mouse experiments, data appear to indicate that aging-related weight gain was also suppressed. NMN decreases from the body
with aging, and it is said that this decrease leads to aging because the sirtuin gene is not activated.

Inulin (Jerusalem artichoke)

Low in starch (sugar) and rich in plant fiber. It slows down the rate of sugar absorption and prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar
level after a meal. It has high water retention, swelling and oil retention, and when dissolved in water, it gels and slows the
movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine.

Plant-derived capsules

HPMC capsules that do not use gelling agents and have excellent features that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Recommended for

・ Those who want to stay youthful forever
・ Those who want to build a healthy body
・ Those who are worried about their physical condition
・ Those who are concerned about the firmness and luster of the skin
・ Those who feel lack of sleep

How to use

1 capsule containing 200 mg x 105 capsules for about 30 - 60 days
NMN content: 100 mg / grain (NMN 10500 mg can be ingested)
Made in Japan

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