Nucleonic Acid (with Lactic acid bacteria and Enzyme) 120grains

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Nucleonic Acid (with Lactic acid bacteria and Enzyme)


The human body is composed of many cells, and "nucleic acid" is essential for cell division. The cells of all living organisms on the earth contain two types of "nucleic acid", namely DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid). However, the content of DNA and RNA necessary for our body to stay healthy and young will gradually decrease with age after the age of 20.

Although nucleic acid is a nutrient component that can be ingested from the diet, it is difficult to obtain the content required by the body from a nutritionally balanced diet.

This product uses high-purity salmon sperm extract raw materials, combined with natural plant lactic acid bacteria and vegetable and fruit enzymes, to more efficiently supplement DNA, RNA and other nutrients required by the body for anti-aging and beauty care.

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