Pam 2 Cocktail 15g


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From 1 to 10, Pam Cocktail cosmetics make up for the shortfalls in your cosmetics, adding effectiveness to what you already use

Based on the experience of a cosmetologist with 50 years of experience working with skin as an esthetician, this cocktail cosmetic was created as the secret ingredient one always needs in cosmetics, just like that extra little flavor one always wants when cooking.

Pam 2 Cocktail Features

1. Regenerate your cosmetics with ease using the undiluted solution or powder that suits your skin problems and adding the right amount to your cosmetics.
2. The undiluted solution can be used as is on the areas of your skin that you are concerned about.
3. Natural cosmetic that uses 100% pure essentials extracted from plants. No mineral oils, alcohols, synthetic fragrances, etc.

01 Nourishment Skin Powder

□ Active Skin □ Total Care

Comprehensive well-balanced multi-powder containing beauty ingredients that enhance and activate your skin. Total support for improving skin quality.

Contents: Collagen peptide/hyaluronic acid/swine placenta extract/ceramide-containing corn germ extract
15g ¥16,200 (tax included)

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